so a fb friend just shared a post with like 35 vintage photos of people posing with their christmas trees and i am now going to bring you the best of them

  1. there's a lot of great things going on here but HER HAIR? IS MAGNIFICENT
  2. i think we can all strive to live with this amount of unabashed drama and pizzazz, and the confidence to know that you can always say to hell with the crimmas tree because YOU'RE the REAL centerpiece
  3. BGE. big grandma energy. it's like big dick energy but instead of sexy, you instantly know that you are going to roll your way out of the door in a few hours after being presented with an absolute buffet of fucking delicious food and the knowledge that your grandma has slipped a 20 in your jacket pocket after giving you all the toys as presents. probably also has a great story about how uncle jeb is responsible for the scraggly part of the tree.
  4. the comments to this one are one half people going 'oh my god i want that tree' and some folks actually making a deal across state lines a la 'oh i saw one in my local thrift store...' 'NICE, where is it, i'll go buy it' 'i bought it' etc. .....the other half is people yelling in terror at the creepy bear

@wigglytuffitout I LOVE these photos! The woman in the pink dress is serving such concentrated vodka aunt energy

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