oh wow

ok you know the creepy thing league of legends was doing with their new champion Seraphine where they were having her be the hashtag relatable everyday girl with mental illness on instagram

it's somehow gotten worse! the tale is somehow worse

quoth the article,

My problem with Seraphine is much more personal. My problem with her is that I think she’s based on me.

a picture of the two to compare is below, the article is her detailing other things the character shares with her real life and detailing that she actually had a relationship with a riot employee who was trying to get her to participate in a project etc.

ok after @sunny mentioned it and i was all "oh shit, wonder if anyone wrote any articles on that", i am agog

apparently riot has done this TWICE BEFORE. the just casually using people's likenesses.

which i guess this is a little better because they're at least not as personally connected, they're celebrities, but also, how many times does riot have to get sued for this lesson to stick,,,

@[email protected] i just realized they barely even changed the name from stephanie

@[email protected] you know what is the single worst part about all of this is that it's so obvious throughout this whole post that "John" genuinely thought this would have been a pleasant and flattering thing that anyone would love to have happen to them

@InspectorCaracal @[email protected]

For me the single worst thing is that he thought that was something someone he'd known
three months would find that a pleasant and flattering thing

Like!!! That's barely time for a handful of dates! Cool your jets dude!!

@katrani @InspectorCaracal @wigglytuffitout even then, there's the element of stealing the person's creative work, to the extent they put any deliberate effort into making their own appearance distinct

@katrani @[email protected] i gotta say that i feel like thinking "straight up putting someone into a video game as a secret surprise without their permission and thinking this is Good, Actually" sorta trumps the "moving way too fast" part in terms of gross mindsets

@katrani @[email protected] like it's one thing to like be inspired by someone and put a character in based on someone

it's totally different to share personal communications you've had with that person with the company you work for without that person's permission as material to work with for making this "surprise"

@InspectorCaracal @[email protected]

Mmmmm faaaaiiiirrrr
I think the way I was coming at this was "you had a chance to
ask, if you liked her so much you should at least have a vague idea how she'd feel, what is wrong with you"
Like it reads to me more as willful ignorance rather than... general ignorance and arrogance? And that always strikes me as worse.
But looking at it this morning I think you're right

@katrani @[email protected] i don't think it's ignorance, i think it's wrongness

riot games deliberately encourages and enforces a toxic mindset and appropriative attitude in its employees, this is just an example of that

@[email protected] it won't stick, the message that riot games has gotten through the entirety of its existence is that people will get mad and yell at them and then give them money anyway

@wigglytuffitout I've never played League of Legends, but I've heard a lot of things about it.

None of them good things, but I've heard a lot of them.

@wigglytuffitout well, this is disgusting

cannot even begin to imagine how awful this is for her

@[email protected]

To quote H.: "just destroy the aaa games industry"

@wigglytuffitout holy fuccckkkkk :dragn_sob: I'm so sorry to hear that happened.....

@monsterblue if there's any silver lining in this reporting, it's honestly a bit comforting to see everyone - on masto and otherwise - lining up to go "holy fuck this is SO not okay".

like yeah, riot games is fucked, but the rest of us ain't. and i really hope the author of the piece is getting a huge groundswell of support from this, too.

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