y'all i just thought of the best-worst additional detail for this Harp Fixes The Batmans idea

obviously if bruce is no longer rich, his cover story can no longer be "i am a rich playboy"

what is it now?


cops stop him in the middle of doing something that looks somewhat suspicious. they demand an answer. bruce sweats nervously, trying to think of a good cover story. the first thing that exits his mouth is:

"uhhhhh it's for a youtube prank?"

"how can we ever thank you, batman, for saving us?!"

bruce looks at the grateful citizens of gotham he has just helped out of some mortal peril, and tries to wave them off.

"no, no, really, it's my pleasure to help."

they look at him with his costume of second-hand road leathers that don't quite fit and a motorcycle helmet that's fitted with two antennas and was pretty scuffed already before he started modifying it, and the batmobile with its sagging suspension and back window broken so it's just a garbage bag that's been duct taped in to cover the hole, and say

"no really, do you have a ko-fi or something?"

"ohthankgod yes yes i've got a venmo thank you"

the opportunities for superman/batman shippers are rife, mind you, and i would like to propose this specific variant of the 'oops we must pretend to be a couple for contrived plot reasons' trope:

"hey, clark?"


"you get good insurance through the daily planet, right...?"

"i think so, yeah... i mean, i've never gone myself. because, you know, not human. don't borrow trouble and all that"

"and it extends to spouses too, right?"


bruce wayne, sweating nervously as he looks at a stack of medical bills: "HEY SO, QUICK IDEA TO RUN BY YOU,"

@wigglytuffitout goddammit. WRITE THIS. PLEASE. I'm beginning you. I can't afford to commission you (though I'm willing to chip in 5-10 dollars to the general fund of "Get Harp Writing")

@derwinmcgeary honestly, i do not keep tabs on comics whatsoever enough to name artists, LMFAO

but i feel the nicest art i've seen bouncing around of late is from the recent hawkeye run where they really explicitly wrote him as deaf. it's still 'superheroey' but is modern and clean. kinda reminds me of herge, except far more grounded in realism instead of tintin's caricature.

how things get simplified is really nice, and i feel like the art is really good at depicting, well, scuzzy disaster men, as it were

plus the colorist working alongside seems to play around with desaturation, which i think would go pretty well with this. maybe slightly more overall saturated, but it'd be a nice way to reinforce the theme of "this is a batman who has to do without and is better for it".

so according to this article of me looking it up, that's Aja and Annie Wu on the art!

@derwinmcgeary david aja! that's the name of the artist

you can tell how little i follow comics. :blobcatgoogly:​ i mean my major pull is HERGE, so like, you can tell most of my knowledge is from a graphic novels course i took in college. i don't think alison bechdel or marjane satrapti would be particularly interested in drawing a batman LMAO

however this art does have a charming amount of Disaster Superhero Moods, like so, which i think perfectly suits

@derwinmcgeary it's very pleasing to the eye! varying line widths so it's not quite ligne claire, but i feel like it's in the same groove, intentionally or not lol

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