oh man i am like three things back about things i promised to do tomorrow. but still.

guess what day it is today, fuckers.


that's right.



  1. 'living fossils' that have just been chilling like forever in the same form. eat shit coelocanths! you look like noobs next to horseshoe crabs!!!!

  2. got blood that looks like the blue milk luke skywalker drinks

  3. you owe them a great debt for making your medicines safe! YES, YOU.

every single thing that is injected into you is tested with an enzyme from horseshoe crab blood. this is how we're able to check to make sure things like insulin, vaccines, etc. aren't contaminated with bacteria!

we can safely capture horseshoe crabs and have them donate a little bit of their blood for this. some horseshoe crabs still sadly die from the stress of this, but i think it's pretty cool that this is an animal we depend upon for something really important in science, but we don't gotta kill them!

they can be big! they can be small! BUT REMEMBER TO APPRECIATE THEM ALL!!!

horseshoe crabs!!!!!

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here's a picture of horseshoe crabs donating some blood! cw-ing it because, well, critters in mild distress and also blood. but it's blue blood!

why is their blood blue? well, you know how our hemoglobin in our blood carries oxygen? it's all built around an iron molecule. horseshoe crabs have hemocyanin - their blood cells that carry oxygen use a copper molecule. and so it's blue!!

I Think They Are Pretty Neato!!!!

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they aren't endangered, but they are under pressure in some areas. and don't worry, we're about to figuring out how to make the enzyme that we need to check for bacteria with - how to get some friendly yeast or bacteria in a lab to make it for us, so we don't have to take horseshoe crab blood. there's also been recent advancements on how to treat horseshoe crabs extra nice so that fewer of them get stressed out and perish when donating blood.

so if you see a horseshoe crab on the beach, do what the little campaign says.... just flip 'em!!! horseshoecrab.org/act/flipem.h

they don't bite, and their tail may look scary but it's actually very fragile. you can just grab them by the shell and flip them over. and that way you can save a crab friend!! they often get stranded upside-down on breaches during breeding season.

the crab will thank you, and you'll be doing a great thing for YOUR health, too!!

@wigglytuffitout I am disappointed that the hearts and blush aren't blue. ;)

@noelle it is admittedly me just looking at horseshoe crab line stickers, so i also have no clue what the japanese there means. for all i know it means "the person who posts this is a dickweasel",

@wigglytuffitout @noelle かわいいカブトガニ means cute horseshoe crab

@[email protected] @[email protected] "cute horseshoe crab"

かわいい kawaii "cute"

カブトガニ かぶとがに kabutogani "horseshoe crab"

from 兜 kabuto meaning "helmet" and カニ meaning "crab"

This is why the Pokemon kabuto is named such

@carcinopithecus @purplemontart @noelle .....now i'm wondering if there's any way to trace this back to some proto-indoeuropean root that spread to japan where ka(b/p)u(t) shows up as a root of 'head'


@carcinopithecus @purplemontart @noelle UPDATE AFTER ANNOYING MY LINGUIST FATHER

the answer is probably no. japanese is a pretty isolated language (the advantages of island livin', natch) and proto-indoeuropean wouldn't have made it that far. it's not quite like romance languages or germanic languages where everything bubbled around in the same pot for a hot minute.

this is assuming that the japanese word for helmet isn't a borrowed word, a la tempura - if it was borrowed from portugese capacete, it would indeed be the same root word, but through borrowed portugese.

@wigglytuffitout @carcinopithecus @purplemontart (It is almost certainly not borrowed from Portuguese - 兜(かぶと)appears as early as 720 AD,)

@noelle @carcinopithecus @purplemontart aha! so there's the answer

just one of those weird moments of linguistic covergent evolution

@wigglytuffitout @carcinopithecus @purplemontart In fact, we don't know where かぶと comes from - all of the best suggestions for potential etymologies show up in the literature after かぶと does.

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