ok before i go to bed here's one more meme.

i think we need a meme to categorize masc characters in the following ways:

  1. has never used axe body spray and is offended by the idea of it touching their body
  2. used axe as a teenager but grew out of it
  3. uses axe body spray currently but mostly because they don't really know better
  4. uses axe body spray currently and it's just a bad look. or rather, smell
  5. uses axe body spray currently and somehow makes it fucking work

points to characters i write

masquerade!vader pretends he's a 1 but we all know he's a 2 thanks to the prequels

ki'eshe nunh defines number 5. his wives buy it for him. it's oddly wholesome

nergui is number 3 bordering on 4, for the love of god man you have a JOB now like an ADULT go get some PROPER COLOGNE

and for some ffxiv characters i don't write:

thancred starts out 3 but evolves into 2. character development!!!

urianger you think would be a 1 but alisaie will tell you back in sharlayan he DEFFO had an axe body spray phase because he was trying to see if he could cut down on showers to study more

papalymo is not on this chart. the axe body spray is actually yda's, and she makes it fucking WORK

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@wigglytuffitout okay so zero make it into the last category and unless you were homeschooled I'm like 99.99999% sure axe has graced your body by virtue of using the boys change room in high school.

Source: the body spray was a cloud of suffering over all of us, but we praised it and showered in it.

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