hey you know that bogus card people are trying to pass off as 'i am allowed to not wear a mask'

someone has rightfully parodied it. it is very good

@Morgan apparently in finnish culture 'donald ducking' is a real phenomena of just

'sometimes you gotta go around your house nude from bottom down but with a shirt on'

the more jokes i hear about finland and finnish culture the more i think that if i had to pick a country to suddenly move to, it may be finland

@Morgan (what can i say. i respect a nation that, when encountering the shitpost conspiracy theory of 'finland doesn't exist because its world population is in the margin of error for the survey of world population', decides to respond with 'you're absolutely right. nobody here but us chickens. please don't come visit.')

@wigglytuffitout @Morgan ever learn something ridiculous about your own culture that also makes perfect sense

i just did,

@wigglytuffitout @Morgan

In the old days when it was a more conservative country, Donald Duck was banned for his lack of trousers.

These days they display Tom of Finland pictures in their modern art museum in Helsinki.

@wigglytuffitout I actually need this, as I no longer own any pairs of pants.

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