@monorail PEN IS HARD. also that barista is not meant to be anybody specific, resemblance to any mastodonners is purely coincidental but if that does look like you, know that you are perilously close to my Platonic Ideal Of Generic Barista

i also don't know if holly's starbucks beverage of choice would be a peppermint hot chocolate but it seemed right.

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i should prolly at some point get one of those apps that helps you scan shit proper-like with your camera instead of just waving my phone around and hoping for the best huh

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@velexiraptor that is NOT enough crab NEARLY to be a lexi, I Know My Shit At Least Well Enough To Know That

@wigglytuffitout ok but fursona off, that's perilously close in my book

@velexiraptor see i imagined paler blond hair and also probably an old beater of a station wagon in which radiohead and only radiohead plays continuously

@velexiraptor i think you have yet to get REALLY HEATED about pitchfork reviews so you're still some ways off

@wigglytuffitout i don't even know what pitchfork reviews are so im gonna take this as a compliment! but im a simple girl¹ so i see a beanie, i think me

@LilyVers @wigglytuffitout the footnote it leads to is the entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon of citations and links, half of which eventually are dead or recursive

bring torches and a ten-foot-pole

an admission 

@wigglytuffitout would i seem ungrateful if i mentioned that i don't like mint chocolate

an admission 

@monorail ABSOLUTELY NOT, i was flying blind without relevant holly m. glaceon lore

maybe she is bringing back a ridiculous amount of mint hot chocolate for friends? :thinkhappy:

@[email protected] @[email protected] OKAY SO


There was this cookie place at the mall, "brad's Cookie Nook."

And you could buy a "mug" that held.. I'd have to measure but it's like more than a half gallon of coffee, and it would be like $2 refill or something.

Husbutt worked at the mall.

I showed up at the cookie counter first thing in the morning with that mug. "And creamer, too, please."

Poor girl had no idea what to do.

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