In the middle of the night, I sit bolt upright, sweating profusely at the visions that have visited me. I fumble for my phone and pray the electrons I am about to inconvenience may forgive me - but my inspired message must be known! The people must see my words! And in a feverish haze, with fingers trembling from the weight of this momentous import, I tap out

"snouts dot online be having hypered link"

this is a very good post and i'm just going to retoot myself until it's noticed tbh

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@wigglytuffitout It really is. I have done this more times than I can count. Literally waking myself up from semi-lucid dreams because an idea is 'so important' and 'really fucking clever' and it's like, 'what if coded bartender to ask what drink you want' or something. :P

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