!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y'all!!!! exciting old cookbook news!!!!!!!

the university of san antonio has digitized their collection of early mexican and mexican-american cookbooks and put them up for people to freely access!!! going back to handwritten recipe books from 1789!!!!! is an article about it, is a direct link to the oldest manuscript, same as pictured below!

i would be more excited by this if i actually understood any spanish but as it is i'm still pretty excited about it

here's probably the best link to the overall collection -

and here's the link to the digitized books more directly -

there's a lot of notebooks and handwritten things, too!!!

like this manuscript which is basically a family recipe book, with recipes in english and spanish of many different cuisines, multiple different writers, and even a whole bunch of recipes clipped out from advertisements in the back!!! THERE'S EVEN A RECIPE WRITTEN ON THE BACK OF AN ENVELOPE THIS IS FANTASTIC

shamelessly retooting myself a few hours later if people in the evening haven't seen this already, it's really delightful old cookbooks time!!!!

@wigglytuffitout secondary coolness: the Smithsonian article cites Atlas Obscura as the original source of the story.

@wigglytuffitout this absolutely fucking rules! food is such an important insight into a culture and i can't say how hype i get about old digitized cookbooks and such a old and big library is so hecking important

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