hold on hold on hold on i need to put this in the tag everyone

@wigglytuffitout "to be young and online"

I mean I *guess* that's a fairly accurate visual representation of 4chan...

@wigglytuffitout Wait why does the guy in the back have a goldfish??

@wigglytuffitout And what's she planning to do with just a computer keyboard?

@wigglytuffitout this is what it feels like to post on snouts dot online

@LexYeen except we need a version where it's a bunch of people's fursonas

but exact same pose, details, everything. random goldfish guy, girl on bike holding her computer keyboard, blonde in jeep using her fancy new CORDED CAR PHONE, etc

@wigglytuffitout so you're saying this needs to be a "Your Character Here" commission template...?

@wigglytuffitout internet youths only ride motorbike, explore database and lie

@wigglytuffitout they are driving dangerously close to one another because wifi doesn’t exist yet

@wigglytuffitout on your mark...get set! we're surfing on the internet!

@wigglytuffitout tag your Shadowrun character, I’m the wage Mage in the back of the jeep

@wigglytuffitout Whenever I see that picture, I always wonder wtf is up with the guy dropping his goldfish.

Perhaps an allegory about how easy it is to destroy a database...

@wigglytuffitout that guy in back about to murder that gold fish knows what's up.

"Save yourself Goldy! This whole "internet" thing is not what it at first appears!!"

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