the problem with trying to teach your population all the academic background they'll "need" while they are all still children is that you wind up with everything "cleaned up" and that's why people think the ancient greeks and romans were all these high-brow rationalist philosophers when in fact they mostly went around telling dirty jokes and calling each other motherfuckers and talking about gods fucking animals and watching lewd plays and shit

honestly this applies pretty strongly to Shakespeare too

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Highschool English teachers: Shakespeare's plays are the Height of Classic Literature and the Craft of Writing

Shakespeare: yeah remember that time I wrote a play that was one big pun about asses

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someone who has never read shakespeare: oh i love his plays... they're so sophisticated and intellectual....... the height of refinement and class...... so far above these modern vulgarities.................

someone who has read shakespeare: there were more dick jokes than i expected

someone who has read and understands shakespeare and loves it: THESE ARE SOME FINELY CRAFTED QUALITY DICK JOKES Y'ALL,THANKS WILD BILLY SHAKES

@InspectorCaracal my fav example is probably a tumblr post i saw going around explaining that in shakespeare's time, 'nothing' was sometimes used as a cheeky bit of slang

so the title of the play, 'much ado about nothing', can be modernized to:


@[email protected] people always bring that up and i'm like okay but you don't even need to know elizabethan slang to appreciate a lot of shakespeare's jokes

@InspectorCaracal VILLAIN, I HAVE DONE THY MOTHER comes immediately and delightfully to mind

@wigglytuffitout @InspectorCaracal just a reminder that the single most famous ancient Greek play is about a *literal* motherfucker

@wigglytuffitout @InspectorCaracal Fun fact: Shakespeare used the word "dildo" exactly once.

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