Lol the daily abuse Mast gets is getting to me. I'll still be pushing out constant updates to improve it where I can, but some people on this network aren't making it the joy that it once was.


@JPEG if you don't want to be called out harshly for using art that isn't yours to promote your product, i'd suggest not using art that isn't yours to promote your product.

artists are not obligated to be tender and delicate in telling you to stop stealing from them.

if you don't want the heat for doing bad shit, perhaps don't do the bad shit, instead of whining that you're getting heat from "keyboard warriors".

@JPEG and to be quite blunt - if people getting mad at you after you steal art is what you count as 'abuse', and is going to drive you off the platform, because you are whining that 'keyboard warriors' who are all not as authentic and real as you on account of not using a selfie as their profile image are doing so...

i think you have your answer to questions like "should i stay on mastodon" and "am i really making something worthwhile to this community".

@JPEG to continue being blunt, the little quip about how "keyboard warriors" who don't show themselves to you are always the loudest...

take a look at the people who are supporting you and do that.

take a look at their demographics.

take a look then also at yourself.

perhaps take a moment and think, "am i just saying that white dudebros are the only valid voices, here? am i just saying that they're the only ones i will give weight?"

@JPEG you can complain about toxicity all you like, but this is a "see to the log in your own eye before the splinter in someone else's" type situation.

you've made this mistake by assuming that:

1. everything someone posts on mastodon is yours to use

2. the people who don't use a selfie as their profile picture are not worth listening to

3. people have to tell you nicely to not steal their work

4. the fact that you're getting pushback on the above is a sign everyone else but you is wrong.

@JPEG similarly, you're consistently doing a lot of downplaying the situation.

it was a mistake. you just didn't think that much about it. you'll get around to changing it when you get around to changing it. you didn't know. it was just a slip-up.

that's a very neat way to just slide right on past the intentionality of the act, isn't it? you said yourself you put effort into picking out something to show off what your app can do.

you intentionally chose the art, but didn't ask the artist.

@JPEG if you want to exist in a world where you're only responsible for the good outcomes of your actions (praise for creating an app) but not anything for actions that have bad outcomes (like intentionally choosing artwork without notifying or asking the artist if you could use it), do you think that is going to help you in your goals? do you think that is going to help you create a better app, and be a better developer?

do you think that's going to help you be accepted by masto communities?

@JPEG do you think blithely hurting other people, and then saying they're worse than you for being 'abusive' when not being polite to you when they say 'stop hurting me', is a way you're going to foster any personal growth or self-reflection?

especially while declaring that anyone who doesn't use a picture of themselves is just an invalid 'keyboard warrior' (while surely being aware that *even here*, being visibly non-cishet-white-dude makes one a target for harassment)?

@JPEG if this is an app you're seriously developing, own your actions and own the consequences for them. don't try to shoo these things away, or downplay them as a little accident you can't really be expected to take responsibility for.

if it's just a vanity project so you can get your ego fluffed, that's also something that you can do. but don't advertise and proclaim it is a serious app and then act as if it's a vanity project where nobody can speak a word against it.

@JPEG and yes, yes, let me just go ahead and get some things out of the way for you.

"you've not got a selfie of yourself as your avatar therefore what you think and say doesn't count" so do most of mastodon my dude, do you want people to actually use your product or not?

"well you don't work in computer science so you don't understand" yeah i'm the family black sheep because i don't know a programming language nor do i have a HAM radio license. but most of masto doesn't, either.

@JPEG "well if you don't like it, you can just go make your own!" is really just the previous statement rehashed, isn't it? and i think the real thing here is that i, and many others, won't go make our own. we'll just go use one of your competitors. 🤷

"i didn't think that it was such a big deal!" yes, a lot of artists are taken for granted and their work is not seen as real work worthy of respect. but this is what adults accept as 'a bit bullshit'.

@JPEG "i was doing that artist a favor!" please see the innumerable articles written by artists of all types about how exposure means bupkis. similarly, as i've said before, i think being connected with such a low-rated app might be negative exposure - in other words, you've damaged that artist's business, and could morally owe damages to them.

"you're all just really mean!" and thus we all are starting to recognize why your app can't break into two stars out of five with that attitude. 🤷

@wigglytuffitout Thank you for all of this. I’ve read it all and took it all onboard. The screenshots have also been removed and the App Store reflects that. I was misinformed at the time but I took the steps to rectify that.

@JPEG to be honest, from how you're continuing to respond - well it was just a thing someone didn't like, it was just an accident, well you *must* have done something wrong but who knows? - it might be worth having another read. those wily words of getting out of accountability are not compatible with accepting responsibility for your actions as to not do them in the future.

or, alternatively, i should just cut my losses and accept that you're really dedicated to making a bad product. 🤷

@JPEG quite frankly, the responses you've been getting... aren't that hateful. they're not the worst of the internet's toxicity.

they're people being frank with you. they're people perhaps not bending over backwards to be polite. maybe it feels bad because it feels rude.

stealing someone's work for your own profit, however, is much ruder.

because, honestly, i wrote all of this before i realized your app was making money with in-app purchases.

@JPEG that takes stealing artwork not just a matter of morality, but a matter now of *legality*. in the eyes of the law, they now have a quite strong case against you, should they choose to pursue it, because you are directly making money from their work.

this is not an accident, or an oopsie-poopsie you don't even know what was wrong but people really dislike it so who knows moment.

if you consider "don't take my stuff and sell it" to be abuse, you... should probably get out of business tbh

@JPEG because, well, with this sort of attitude... it's better to cut losses now, instead of in the future finding you've stolen from somebody who actually has the resources to take you to court.

if you have a major blind spot for basic business ethics, you may just have to accept that being an indie dev is never going to work out, and you need to be part of a company or a team with a lawyer on retainer who can tell you directly if you should do things or not.

@JPEG if not, well...

not all of the world is going to rush to coddle you simply because you showed up and were a white man.

(key point of consideration: notice how many of these people who you haven't decried as 'not having real pics of themselves' are showing up to do just that, and *look remarkably similar to you in terms of demographics*.)

seeking no responsibility for your actions means you also seek no responsibility for improvement.

this makes a shit product.

@JPEG ultimately, it's not my circus, and it's not my monkeys.

you will not be the first white dudebro who considers "don't steal shit" to be intolerable abuse and flings himself upon the fainting couch to have a wailing cry that the world should be so mean as to not immediately arrange itself in what will be the most convenient configuration for him. you certainly won't be the last.

not even in the line to go apply for bankruptcy, eh?


good luck. you'll need it.

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