for folks who were there when it happened: how shocking was the Darth Vader reveal? Were people like gasping in the theater and stuff? I wish I could have been there to see it but sadly I am a young


@eightbitsamurai i am far too young, but i do remember hearing interesting stories from *the cast* about how surprised they were, especially mark hamill.

since all of vader's dialog was dubbed over (though david prowse's english farmhand brogue is delightful, and he spoke the lines as they filmed to help the other actors), the ACTUAL line was kept secret. on the set, everyone heard "i killed your father", and didn't know the real line until they were *in the theater at the premiere*.

@wigglytuffitout @eightbitsamurai I think I remember reading that apart from Lucas, the only one on set who knew the twist was Mark Hamil, who was only told by Lucas just before shooting the scene in order to make sure Hamil's performance worked, and he was sworn to secrecy.

@Retrodude @eightbitsamurai that sounds more like what i am halfway remembering honestly LOL

i do know that he has a great story of how shocked everyone else was in the theater, since carrie fisher and harrison ford of course had no idea

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