in honor of international men's day, let me take a moment to point out that... dear men... if you listen closely to the misogynists and red pillers, they're all going to tell you that they're justified because every man acts exactly as they do.

the feminists are the ones who believe you are human beings with human reason who can take responsibility for your actions.

for many people, accountability feels like the loss of freedom. in a way, it is: it's the loss of freedom to be awful to people.


also, fucking mock people who still say "alpha male" and "beta male" with complete seriousness

because that was research done in the 70s and the researcher has since retracted his theories completely, straight-up begging people to not pay attention to it, because he was studying wolves in captivity. their 'natural order' looks way WAY different.

even if you assume wolf society = human society (...? or owo i should say), it's a bullshit model of wolf society lmao

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