O Mastodon, may i draw on your collective wisdom as to where there is a good "here's mastodon for beginners" overview as i continually attempt to rope friends into this


Mastodon for Beginners:

1. This isn't Twitter.
2. No, really. Seriously.
3. Okay, now imagine that when Twitter came out a bunch of people wrote stuff that allowed for posting small amounts of material at a time ('microblogging') but weren't owners (or owned by) a corporation.
4. Now imagine people are on it and we don't like corps there and we don't want shitheads here.
5. That's about it, really. Oh, and there's jorts. You'll learn of the jorts.
6. REALLY, lots of jorting.


(no but seriously there ARE good beginner guides out there)

@wigglytuffitout I'm on mobile and short on time so I can't grab it myself but I recall @eightbitsamurai did a blog post / guide a while back? If you wanna link it mint

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