kids in my lifetime won't ever experience how mind-blowing it was to get a new video game console and have it feel like an enormous technological leap forward, huh

like unless vr ever catches on and improves severely or we brainjack ourselves by the time i'm 145 years old, i don't have the mind to think of anything that'd actually be awe inspiring

@whiskers kids these days won't know the sudden amazing freedom of "mom and dad got zip drives for their professional work, so instead of having a bunch of floppies, now you can keep ALL your shit on ONE zip disk!!! woooaaahhhhh" either

@wigglytuffitout any audio finagling we had to do, like when we say "yeah we stole music and burned it to discs", we'll sound like witches

@whiskers never mind the true struggle that is scrambling to record a song you like off the radio, so the first few seconds are lost in you smashing the record button and/or you have to deal with a radio dj talking over the very start

i mean i'm not quite THAT old but it's something i still remember lmao.

or doing the same things with tv shows! couple of seconds after the commercials end? yeah those are going to be lost as you sit there meticulously hitting the record button! ..........or just fast forwarding through the commercials and the inherent comedy of seeing commercials zip by at top speed

@wigglytuffitout "in my youth, anime was delivered after school. we got two to start. sailor moon and dragon ball z. i watched both, but they were only on at specific times! we'd have to record them using a vhs tape. ok are you with me? no? ok so we had these plastic bricks with rotaty bits that coiled a film-like tape and--"

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