i want to live in the world where final fantasy games weren't about pushing for ultra realism (weird irony there) and instead varied art and rendering styles from game to game

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@whiskers how do I put this? I haven't noticed a graphical upgrade since like... FF13. I'm sure games are more technically impressive now, and can render pores and such really well, but in the end, I can't tell it looks better, and I don't care.

You know what was great? FF4 DS. That was cute-looking. I could go for more of those. Maybe remake 9 like that.

I mean I'm fine with the ultra-realism, but I don't need next-gen hardware to show it, you know?

yeah i'd be so down for more varied styles or maybe a return to some good ones like the final fantasy tactics look

swapping styles also does a ton to refresh my interest in a series. Zelda bops back and forth between a lot of styles and it really helps to keep most of them distinct to me.

13 and 15 have a distinct issue that since 15 used to be a spinoff 13 game, they both look very same-y in the general art direction to me. Even though it's going mostly realistic, the 7 remake mostly has a distinct visual identity that'll at least make me go "now that i will only see in a 7 game."

@whiskers pour one out for the canceled western final fantasy, which was going to be that apparently :( space fractals..........

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i want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding

@whiskers And I'm willing to wait longer to play them if it means they'll be less buggy

@whiskers my work philosophy tbh XD

(Sorry for being a random)

@lain @whiskers Indie games are shit though, they're all "8bit" (20GB)

@sunsetmoth @whiskers
I already live in a realistic world and I need a break. I want my escapism to be just that escape from the real.

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> i want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding

@clacke capitalists have coupled their profit extraction to their workers earning an income. Unfortunately you can't take away the former without also taking away the latter

@waterbear Assuming that a market of vampire Kermits exist, who would be willing to pay half the price for a game requiring half the work for length and half the work again for graphics quality etc, there would be a lot of margin to distribute to both workers and owners.

@whiskers even if you take the social justice out of this entirely, that's what I want as a consumer.

With small exception, if I put on a game that is 50 hours of wandering around a beautiful environment, I will play it for 2 hours and never touch it again.

Just give me the game where I can play for two hours and it doesn't matter if I come back or not.

I used to love RPGs and long winded game stories when I was kid. I don't have time for them anymore. I don't have the attention span for them anymore.

IMO, save the cinematography for a film. In a game, just give me sprites and tight mechanics.

@whiskers very much same UwU

(my adhd ass can't finish current standard game length anyway x3)

@whiskers This tweet could easily be turned into Itch's slogan

@whiskers I also genuinely wouldn't mind waiting like up to a decade for those really big long AAA games should people actually still want to make them. An experience that big deserves the care and attention to detail other games get, and the people working on it deserve to not be worked into the fucking hospital.

I frankly don't think I've played many AAA open-world 80+ hour games that didn't have at least one chapter that felt rushed or incomplete

@whiskers Witcher 3 has the second half of Blood and Wine, as an example, and *gestures broadly at most of skyrim* and *gestures broadly at most of Deus Ex Mankind Divided*.

@whiskers and ofc we can't forget the apex of rushed games. A game so incomplete and poorly constructed that even capital G Gamers didn't buy it, a game so rushed it killed one of the most successful franchises in gaming history permanently dead: Mass Effect Andromeda.

Turns out forcing your devs to start practically from scratch on a massive open-world project 18 months before release so you can put a frostbite engine sticker on the case leads to some development problems

@whiskers complete agree.

I have two kids and a job, but I still want to play games for their stories. I no longer have 2-3 work weeks to pour into games....
Drop the sidequests and the graphics that force me to but a new computer. Gimme the story....

>I want to pay my games
But he doesn't want to pay for something in which the license grants him the equivalency of ownership.
Does't pay for his OS, web browser, email client, video decoder etcetera....
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