the most disappointing thing about among us 2 being cancelled is that i found out it wasn't called "amongst us"

re: stream biz/animal crossing 

i'm doing ac rn

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stream biz 

i wanna play console games today, maybe in 2 hours noon pst

playing games with friends is great because when the rando gets pissy, your friends will dogpile them relentlessly

hurricane ellie, storming through seattle on *your* ps4. be careful

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i got my first *big revenge* ℒ️ in last of us 2 yesterday. that lady really did choose to say the wrong thing, huh

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Glory of the Losers is a real title for a real manga

it's 10 pm, i have work in the morning, and that doesn't fit with the raccoon lifestyle

super giant released a game called hades, or as i like to call it, "Where did the past 40 minutes go?"

if you're wondering, for the previous 6 years they celebrated "Outbreak Day", and now they'll just call it Last of Us day, lmao

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anyway naughty dog had to change the name of their yearly celebration (i didn't know they celebrated the last of us each year, idk if that's weird or not) because of the pandemic, WHOOPS

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ellie: "they must have been locked in there for years"

the zombies i killed: still fully clothed, have physiques that looked like they ate regularly, mostly just dirty

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still having fun with the last of us 2, but more and more i recognize that they probably based their mushroom zombies on natural parasites then didn't consider the details beyond that.

they were like "eh, that's plausible enough for a zombie scenario" then stopped thinking

stream stuff/dead rising 

i'll be playing dead rising at 2pm pst

hearthians great too, aspire to be an ethical and kind scientist if you're going down that path

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One of my favorite things about Outer Wilds is that it gives us a highly scientific community to investigate, and not only are they turbo dorks, but they don't get me hecka pissed like most scientist characters in media do.

They rarely put each other down, they're excited to work with one another, and they actually consider the ethics of their actions (usually).

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