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"yo, the black mage is over there, get up close and jump him, he won't be able to do anything-- FUCK HE'S GOT A KNIFE"

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so i've played resident evil 4 a lot of times, and this is the first run where i've noticed this fuckin' painting

extreme cringe at this old beastcast talking about pewdiepie before the prick outed himself as an obvious nazi

@whiskers more specifically, they fight against the idea of mutant supremacy. It exists, it's just placed where it belongs, in the mouths of villains

re: weed- 

body: yo! you're doing fine

mind: imagine how much more interesting things would be rn if you smoked. break the box

other mind: don't be fucking dumb, just wait

mind: a week?!

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psychological dependency on a substance sucks butt

this is the rico appreciation post

  • they always just generally chat and say hi, ask how it's going and how you're doing
  • because of this, they're almost always up-to-date on most current happenings in your life
  • they always come by stream and chat
  • they're always up to have off-topic convos whenever you feel like it
  • they actually invite you to things which is a very particular trait you don't always see in folks
  • they know more about comics/anime/video games than i ever could

"Rather than give people hope, Hoover's rhetoric isolated him from virtually all Americans and diminished his public image. Voluntary actions and public relations campaigns could not end the depression. Hoover placed too much confidence in his powers of persuasion and too much reliance on citizens acting voluntarily in the public interest."

Love it when history rhymes. It rules actually

if you want to imagine this is manga/anime man "guts" menacing me, feel free

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me: haha yeah, having a pretty good time

guts: not if i have anything to say about it


@zorotl @Em the bit where he predicts what the enemy is gonna say next is so good lmao

it's been over a decade since i last got on a plane, i wonder if any global events have fundamentally changed the process of air travel...

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i bought plane tickets so the dream is real for me to see my friends again

whaddaya call a mixture of human and failed early 80s sports car 


My kids when I tell them there won't be any video games M-F when school starts

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the only "clocking in" you should have to do at work is clocking your boss in the face

"do we have to pay for parking???"
the firstborn son of each family who utters this phrase, my immutable demand

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the gates are open, i am here, i am by a machine designed to take money, and the most common question today for some fucking reason? "is the park open?"

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i'm at the point where i'd rather choke down glass than talk to another damn stranger

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