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if you mash the controller in tetris, it counts as a dance button

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i'm moving in a little over a month. i'm going across the country. it's like a free ticket to burn bridges, and i have nothing to ruin, lmao

re: stream/last of us 2 

it's this one now, link's above

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maybe a year after i first finished it, this game owns

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disco elysium was a game i considered as having way too much text to want to stream, but now idk, i could read all the stuff myself and just go through and have fun because fuck it. i've got a friend i want to see it, lol, but it can wait for a while if i feel like doing that

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it's real good! prolonged play is just very draining too, lol

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if divinity original sin 2 didn't take 5 years to complete, i'd think about streaming it

that moment when finn walks in, haggard and wounded, the thousand yard look across his face, and BMO says, "I know that look! You just killed someone."

having a normal one over here, not taking my small internet community and severing them from a ton others, no siree

i think it's funny that they made many kirby games and at one point they were like "so who's kirby's number 2, like who's his close friend at home???" and they gave a waddle-dee a bandana and a spear and went "that guy". and much like the spear... it stuck

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taking solace in the fact that if kirby were real, he'd be my friend and give good hugs

1700 words today until i was able to write "the crew can now reasonably buy tools of war".

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working on starfinder shit and i'm closing in on a thousand words to justify the players being able to buy guns for the rest of the campaign

have i mentioned how much i love that there game, wandersong? it's so worth playing through

i haven't seen much of it, but i am aware that there are more a lot more girls in that show than most furries on my tl would have you believe

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