@nekrosox @wednesday @dragon isn't it? black lgbtq+ people exist, and get the worst of both worlds. i think a statement that black lives matter is both relevant and important

@FuchsiaShock @wednesday @dragon blm is irrelevant in queer issues in the same way that trans* is irrelevant in blm. Communities of color have the highest trans death rates, and yet they think blm should get to speak for us. It's just more fucking gentrification from a different source.

@nekrosox @wednesday @dragon have you just articulated this very very badly, or do i need to back away from you right now?

@FuchsiaShock @wednesday this person is from a pleroma that's blocked on my instance and scrolling their tl has not been a pleasant experience jsyk

@dragon @wednesday yikes, yeah, i just peeped, and that's not my kind of person to put it mildly

@FuchsiaShock @wednesday @dragon I think you should back away. I'm a trans inclusive radfem and I think that misogynistic cultures have no place speaking over women and queer people about women's issues and queer issues just because they're a minority, too.

@FuchsiaShock @nekrosox @dragon I assumed it was queer black people that did the painting and/or they wanted to paint two different messages

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