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oh look a tutorial on using wine for this! I think I'm going to go redo some of these stack-based challenges with this different method and try to get used to it

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did 2 windows-based buffer overflow challenges today that I had been putting off because I really dislike windows.

A proposed thing to help establish and expose security-related info for a website/domain/whatever.

"A File Format to Aid in Security Vulnerability Disclosure"

my cursed brain just went from "INITIATING NEURAL HANDSHAKE" to "Shaking hands with the maid" and I will never be able to hear that phrase again.



The music is almost exactly one wallet-chain away from Dad Rock, though.

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NGL, I like Pacific Rim: Uprising a lot more than the first one. (and I liked the first one a whole lot)

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Are you using a screen reader to access Mastodon?

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Want to learn more about #Owncast, the ethical (and voluntarily open source) alternative to #Twitch?

Watch the “Independent and ethical video and streaming with Small Tech” episode we held with its creator, @gabek, on Small Is Beautiful:

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steam deck, right to repair 

Valve has put out a new video showing a teardown of their new Steam Deck console. The thumbnail literally says "You shouldn't do any of this." The video itself explains the (perfectly valid) reasons why, but also shows how to do it properly if you're gonna do it anyway. They also mention that you can buy replacement parts directly from Valve.

This is honestly a really great stance for a hardware manufacturer to take on the Right to Repair movement. WARN, don't restrict.

See, Apple? Is that so hard?

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PSA: Twitch 

2FA seeds were leaked.

You'll need to deactivate 2FA, and re-enable it to make it secure again.

Please boost.

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Self hosting high bandwidth applications is not a realistic alternative to monolithic sites for a vast majority of people and assuming so echoes a wide variety of personal privilege.

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Heart rate monitoring, ME/CFS, please boost 

I've got a heart rate monitor with ANT+ and Bluetooth for 24/7 wear, with the goal of trying to avoid PEM for #MECFS. I'm looking for an Android app that will take continuous readings and sound an audible alert when I cross an HR threshold (preferably customizable). I have had no luck. Help? Boosts welcome. @MECFS @GwenfarsGarden

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I don't really care about a big company getting hacked. I do care about all the people that are in a position where they have to rely on that company and have an expectation of personal safety and digital privacy. That is the duality I demand of myself.

Looking at the Twitch data set, it looks like an inside job, probably originating from either an IT or Engineering silo.

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