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One of my Switch joycons keeps disconnecting when physically attached. I can't tell if it's a problem with the joycon or the switch itself, so I'm not sure if I should buy a new set of joycons or not.

I almost said "at least I didn't get a Switch Lite, because I can replace the joycon if it is dead", but then I realized that if it were hardwired, this wouldn't be an issue. Not like joycon drift, anyway

Thinking about this cat.... It's just amazing that a non-human animal without human context can like me so much.

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Another advantage of #gempub over .epub, it's just plain text, even without a reader app you can comfortably read

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writing help, extremely obscure history info request 🔁✅ 

does anybody know any famous irish historical figures who were really into candles? :thinknyan:

Made some progress today with Starscan. Trying to push along. Right now I'm just doing procgen artifacts to act as storylets to reward the player's exploration. These screenshots are a system view and an game-over stats view (kinda like old nethack stuff, there)

Thought I'd share.


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I'm not saying it's is, but if you told me that Valheim was created as a metaphor for European culture's relationship with global expansion and deforestation and the vilification of people that wish to protect the environment from devastation and violent militarization, I would probably believe you.

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Janice and Millie sat across from each other, the awkward silence broken by the gentle whirring of the automated meal preparation armature, the static-like cold of stasis still tingling on their skin.

“You’ve been awakened for your 10 year anniversary! Please enjoy this 24hrs on behalf of Crew Rotation 710. Let’s do it again tomorrow!” the place card holotext read.

Normalize telling people that you love them

“SEC-Interlude crew please report for stasis prep in bay twelve,” a warm but automated voice barked through the station-wide comms, interrupting the promenade’s overhead music.

“Time’s up,” she muttered, throwing back the remainder of her synthetic mojito and spending one last moment admiring the vibrant colors crackling through the electrical storm just outside the exterior port view window. The burn of synthetic alcohol tugged at the back of her throat. Her next view would be generations later, she thought, and just as far away.

I don't know who out there is using Jekyll, but this is a pretty good cheat sheet resource for it.

You know how sometimes you wake up (or do an install) and time on your computer is wrong because somewhere, someone messed up their timeserver and now your clock is set to Paris time as if it's local time and half of your secure, encrypted connections start flagging you as suspicious until you figure out why?

That's what the Doomsday Clock feels like, now days.

Lol another conversation I want to contribute to, but don't want to be a part of hahahahaha

I made some progress today on a map generator I've been tinkering with. I want to make something that can generate tons of maps and points of interest for tabletop rpg folk. Something open enough for your own stories, but with enough structure to drive the month-to-month if you need it. Still working out the details

I started looking at job postings in my industry again today -- I haven't done that in a while. It's super competitive, and I haven't had any luck finding new opportunities so I actually gave up on it last year.

This was unusual, though. I noticed that my tastes and interests have changed so dramatically that the things I would normally be looking into are no longer interesting and the things that I want are so new that I don't have the same level of experience coming in.

What this ends up meaning is that the tools to help find job postings don't really match me to things properly.

Pivoting to new roles in which you have limited experience in the middle of a career where you are highly experienced is very, very uncomfortable.

Kind of annoying.

Ash fell from the sky like a heavy snow and methane winds whipped through the barren crag under the muddy night sky of Eurynome V. The ground shook as the Pneuma reactors erupted deep within the dormant core.

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” The core knocked, as if to awaken the Sleeping Giant’s magnetosphere from an eon of slumber.

The amount of research I end up doing to write microfiction is just absurd lol

One of the anecdotes I like about machine learning is from a group of devs (I think from Barcelona?) that set out to make smart lamps and cameras that tracked population density on beaches over time. People were understandably worried about the privacy implications of it tracking people, so instead of teaching it to identify and measure humans, they taught it to see and measure sand. They were able to derive how densely populated a beach was by measuring how much sand they could see.

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