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I'm just a suit of flesh around a daydream of hope, beaming into the digital world despite the systems of greed put in place to dim me.

BDFLs always end up less B and more D.

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I just had to sit in the room without laughing while my partner was in a zoom meeting with someone named Buttman. Quarantine is a weird beast.

Make sure when you're following passion, you're not accidentally following euphoria instead.

I wrote a blog post about how to use Jekyll to serve MOTD. It's pretty rudimentary, but I figure some of my fellow console nerds might be able to use it for something. I use it for micro-fiction, but you could use it for any type of update. :)

The colossal communication antenna pierced the sky, a skeletal steel hand reaching desperately through the clouds of Axion IV, tearing past the autonomous guy wire drones that whir back and fort, pulling it into alignment.

Even our tech knows that our home is dying.

VR tip: Get a small circular rug at the center of your play area. Not only will it be more comfortable on your feet, but you'll also know by touch when you're about to leave your boundary. That way, you can turn your boundary off (or not have to set up a million times when it is on the fritz). It's better for immersion and better for comfort.

I've had Free Nelson Mandela stuck in my head for 48 hours.

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Trans, seeking counsel/support 

I need someone to talk with about dysphoria in-depth

"...and the solar winds forever at your back," the text above the bulkhead door read though the translation lens overlay. The astroarchaeologists will have a field day with this, the salvage tech mused, logging another High Value Salvage structure. His second interstellar colony vessel this cycle. Where are they all coming from, though?

I think it's time to put on my I <3 Toxic Waste tshirt and watch Real Genius.

I think you mean "its the year of the GNU+Linux desktop"

I'll see myself out.

Happy The Internet Is Intolerable Day!

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i know tomorrow is April 1, but can we all agree to just not be dicks about it

Anyone else notice that the Usher song DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love is just the 2010 version of Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof? ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

We're just a sea of Cesares, suffocating under the oppressive weight of the wretched Caligari-esque engines of surveillance capitalism.

Mind not the times, but the eternities.

I think today is a good day for my Luscious Jackson pandora station

It was either a Firefox update or an NoScript update, but it blew away most, but not all, of my NoScript whitelist. Nothing major, just a small annoyance.

It's weird that I find minor annoyances refreshing, but after the last year few years? Well met, annoyance!

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