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I don't know why, but I really miss our cat Lotus, today. He's been gone for a while and it's not a fresh wound or anything. He was a good companion. I just miss him is all.

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Ubuntu WSL: This install will take 450mb.
Windows: That install ended up being 1.6gb.
Apt install: This will be 117mb of disk space.
Windows: That update took 500mb of disk space.


It feels like Friday, which really just means tomorrow is going to feel like it's taking forever

Final Fantasy just feels like one of those names that shouldn't be used on anything with sequels.

Windows, but its an electron app that you install with npm

I think I might fire up VRChat and see whats going on

How do folks get patron supporters? That sounds like a social anxiety nightmare

Oh noes! The floor is lava! Finishing up the surface map procgen for different types of planetary bodies for Project Starscan. I want these surfaces to be kind of blinding and to evoke a sense of elemental hostility.

RGB lighting is like the modern gamer version of Ed Hardy print JNCO jeans.

"2 resources expended entering POOHO"

This is the most awkward example of emergent narrative that I've ever created.


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In related news, my priority for a profanity filter has just increased dramatically.

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New phrase: Pancake Plebs: the people in your gaming group that don't have VR.

"I keep sending you invites for Apex, but you're too good for us pancake plebs."

I really wish folks would stop calling ad-supported software/services "free." They aren't free. You're just not paying with money.

It's amazing how much a fresh install of Windows changes how it feels.

Anyway, got my gamedev and VR machine back up and running. It was in a pretty bad state for some reason. I blame society.

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