Ever see someone so 90s that all you can think is "Is that a member of Helmet?"

Deleted some posts from a bit earlier. Misunderstood some stuff about a band and didn't to be putting that kinda stuff out there.

re: Nazi Punching 

@TheGibson yeah, and now their nostalgic gravity.

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@TheGibson goth/industrial has some landmines for sure. mostly I know about them though.

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@TheGibson now I'm just going down the rabbit hole of how many things I believed were art pieces meaning or revealing one thing but were either being genuine or I just didn't catch it because I'm not connected with that stuff

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@TheGibson I was fully prepared to defend some of these things because that article is basically politically opportunistic satire, but when I looked deeper at Living In Danger, I kinda start to agree.

In most of those songs, they're cherry picking the pieces that support their position, excluding contradictory lyrics and context, but Living in Danger is exactly like what the article says and that's just damn sad. Because it suggests that maybe my interpretations aren't spot on either. 😕

It's like when I joke about Brown Eye'd Girl being about anal sex -- if you know the lyrics it's obviously not, but I can support it with lyrics if you don't know them fully. Which is hilarious with older folk.

re: Nazi Punching 

@TheGibson despite being a cracked article, the pieces about Ulf Eckbert's youth and Rupert Murdoch are true.

If there's one thing I'm sure of today, it's that my neighbors really want to hear Judas Priest.

1337 HACKER TIP: Driving around town blasting a recording that says, "Alexa, wake me up at 5am with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine," like a boss.

Playing fetch with my cat, like ya do...

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I keep forgetting to use verbose modes in nmap scans and then I stare at nothing for ages.

@notimetoplay I'm adding that perspective to my list of things to consider when I dive into this area more. thanks for sharing that with me

@noelle not misprints or whatever, but like ones where the artist clearly just fucked up. I love them.

@noelle I don't know how similar it is, but I quietly collect coffee mugs with typos off of Etsy. My favorite is a Star Trek one that says to "Boldy Go".

It reminds me a bit of corporate interests struggling to control the seats at the tables of various internet standards and how those shift over time.

An easy example is around some of the bigger web standards. Google and Mozilla, a shift from the Microsoft and Netscape/Mosaic days of yore, and everything in between.

I'm sure folks with less of an "arm-chair" education on it could do that more justice, but the idea is there.

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There was this push to collectively decide the norms that establish what behaviors in cyberspace state actors can reasonably engage in and when, a response to both the mounting chaos and the disparate legal and cultural norms that already existed.

The GGE and the OEWG were UN sanctioned/sponsored(?) bodies that set out to define them. The GGE landed first and the OEWG was a less exclusive, open response to it. One backed primarily by western interests, and the other backed heavily by Russian interests. This isn't really surprising -- this happens a lot. Neither group is willing to cede control of some area of political growth.

What I find most interesting, reading some of the stuff from like 2015-2019 is just how readily the UN leans into that east/west conflict, almost feeding it with their processes.

Kind of interesting.

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