Look who stopped by to help with and have a snack, this morning!

Thinking about uploading this to /r/unixporn and pretending like I don't know where I am

I got procedural generation of ship paint jobs working! Now I just have to feed it better seed data so that it's not ugly a f. Starscan is coming along!

I was having a bit of fun in Starscan today, exploring and validating some procgen systems. I stumbled on this unusual system. If I were looking purely at the data, I'd have flagged this as an issue -- it's a system without planets, debris, or asteroid belts, but has 3 outposts. It happens to be neighboring a medium anomaly (purple).

But seeing this on screen, after flying up to it in sector space, I realized that this has storytelling in it. My brain finds narrative patterns in this and creates its own weird narrative as a result -- these outposts are likely here to study the anomaly, possibly part of some kind of joint scientific effort between people from a variety of distant systems.

When I started this game, I set out to use procedurally generated storylets and maps to create an emergent narrative, and I guess I'm finally seeing the shape of that lumbering out of the mist.

What fun, this is.

Made some progress on Starscan, today. Played a bit with "Purple Stuff," as one does. Also got some work done on my artifact generator, which apparently generated Kraftwerk's Autobahn? So I have that going for me.

Played Z-Race (SteamVR, Oculus coming later) in VR today, and it hit all the nostalgia notes.

It's like playing Wipeout in VR, but instead of in the cockpit, you fly your hovercraft like when you were 8, running around the house with an airplane in your hand. Those two things intersect in such a wild way!

These pics are of a couple of the craft. They spin in the center of the stage. One is orange and white and one is cyan and orange.

What I am interested in is all of the "sponsors" are actually just VR youtuber/twitch streamers, instead of mega-corporations. A really interesting way to bring those fandoms together in VR.

Had time to squeeze another bit of work into Starscan, today! Yay! I added some visual markers for the intracluster medium boundaries that are on the sector map. Something to springboard off of for a few more features, I think.

Made some progress today with Starscan. Trying to push along. Right now I'm just doing procgen artifacts to act as storylets to reward the player's exploration. These screenshots are a system view and an game-over stats view (kinda like old nethack stuff, there)

Thought I'd share.


Doing some more paintings, lately. Playing with a medium I'm not familiar with, which has been really fun. I'm still a tourist in this medium, but I'm learning my way around.

Working on displaying play stats/score and win/lose dialog in Starscan today. Finally honing in on what I want, which is nice!

I got to go fly my drone today. It was so much fun! Took pictures of the top of one of the tall saguaro, which was kind of cool. Forgot to format the sdcard, so I only got the low resolution stuff it sends wirelessly.

Made some progress today on visualizing the sector space area for Starscan. I like the grid, but might explore some other visualization strategies. The edge of the map gives a really strong sense of dread, though - which is kind of awesome to see.

The resource estimates of Adtir have proven correct! Not only do we have access to enough resources to continue our journey, but our scans indicate the likely presence of ancient artifacts that might help us on our mission to gather information dead civilizations. We will send an away team too investigate.

Entering the Aras system depleted our short-stay resources, but the health of the crew was at stake, so we continued to survey the system. Four orbiting bodies have been detected, including our target planet, Adtir, the primarily ocean planet once host to a vibrant civilization. A final stop through the Erae Belt to replenish our water supply will probably be in order before our departure.

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NOMAD-9 Starscan, reached the Aras system on schedule, with minimal crew casualties. The 4 planets that orbit Aras are thought to be resource rich, if not hazardous.

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