The resource estimates of Adtir have proven correct! Not only do we have access to enough resources to continue our journey, but our scans indicate the likely presence of ancient artifacts that might help us on our mission to gather information dead civilizations. We will send an away team too investigate.

Entering the Aras system depleted our short-stay resources, but the health of the crew was at stake, so we continued to survey the system. Four orbiting bodies have been detected, including our target planet, Adtir, the primarily ocean planet once host to a vibrant civilization. A final stop through the Erae Belt to replenish our water supply will probably be in order before our departure.

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NOMAD-9 Starscan, reached the Aras system on schedule, with minimal crew casualties. The 4 planets that orbit Aras are thought to be resource rich, if not hazardous.

Oh noes! The floor is lava! Finishing up the surface map procgen for different types of planetary bodies for Project Starscan. I want these surfaces to be kind of blinding and to evoke a sense of elemental hostility.

Working on planet surface generation today and having a blast doing it. Tons of planetary types, but here's an example of a desert surface map.

Making some progress with re-implementing planet surface procedural generation.

I wanted some color, so I updated our star map generator to add some space dust and nebula-like dynamic map features. Godot is so much fun, y'all!

I put a background star field in place with twinkling stars to give a sense of life to our space travel scenes, today.

Working on a new project, today. spending some time procedurally generated system maps in and having a blast doing it!

The game is pretty heavily inspired by some of the old games from the early 80s, but with a bit of modern flavor to it.

still lots to do, but this is coming together!

Spending this morning working on dialog flow in a new game. Having a blast.

Marked sensitive for eye contact.

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