This is my favorite meme today. Created by a person an birbsite at keithedwards

Nanites seeped out of the engineering suit’s structural cracks, crushed into an oily film by the pressure of the artificial gravity generator. “One more quarter turn,” she thought, as the automated spanner torqued the last bolt on the repair overlay.

Birds fluttered above the dome's radiation field, climbing and diving, wings stretched, catching the exhaust gusts from the atrium turbine.

I have one more feature for , some audio, and some bug fixes, before I feel like I'm ready to do an initial release. It's going to stay "in development" until I finish some of the other feature updates, but I'm excited!

Getting somewhere with travel route visualization, today. Still a lot of work to do, but this is going to be a helpful update, I think! -fi (inspired)

Don't let your pragmatism prevent you from using the tools, services, and systems that you need to improve your life, participate in society, or add your creative contributions the wonderful annals of the human story.

Here's a picture of an otter from Nat. Geo. so that you know I mean business.

Birdsite, accidental lewd 

comedians on birdsite are like "ok, algorithm, do your thing!"

Look who stopped by to help with and have a snack, this morning!

Thinking about uploading this to /r/unixporn and pretending like I don't know where I am

I got procedural generation of ship paint jobs working! Now I just have to feed it better seed data so that it's not ugly a f. Starscan is coming along!

I was having a bit of fun in Starscan today, exploring and validating some procgen systems. I stumbled on this unusual system. If I were looking purely at the data, I'd have flagged this as an issue -- it's a system without planets, debris, or asteroid belts, but has 3 outposts. It happens to be neighboring a medium anomaly (purple).

But seeing this on screen, after flying up to it in sector space, I realized that this has storytelling in it. My brain finds narrative patterns in this and creates its own weird narrative as a result -- these outposts are likely here to study the anomaly, possibly part of some kind of joint scientific effort between people from a variety of distant systems.

When I started this game, I set out to use procedurally generated storylets and maps to create an emergent narrative, and I guess I'm finally seeing the shape of that lumbering out of the mist.

What fun, this is.

Made some progress on Starscan, today. Played a bit with "Purple Stuff," as one does. Also got some work done on my artifact generator, which apparently generated Kraftwerk's Autobahn? So I have that going for me.

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