For my birthday in the past, when I was on social media before and had a reasonable following (I don't now) I always used it to get people to donate to charity as part of my celebration. For most folk, picking a charity is a moment to reflect on what you think about the world and what you think would improve it, then finding people who are improving it and helping them get work done. In a fast paced world that's always out to get you, that's a big deal.

But this year is a bit different.

I realize that I'm absolutely surrounded by the people that are doing the work. Getting it done. Reshaping the world into an objectively better place for people.

Every single person around me is remarkable in some profound way and I find it humbling.

This year, instead of asking people to contribute to charities or projects for social good, I get the decided honor of simply encouraging everyone that can to keep going. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep fighting. And I have the profound honor to help you and be some small part of your success.

As my mom would say, "I love you endlessly."

But ok. Enough of that. I'm going back to shitposting today.

@estebanm thank you! (you're right, it's today!)

I feel you. I am also overwhelmed. What have you been tackling lately?

@estebanm oof! I worked in SCM managing a multi-stage continuous integration system and I know the stress. I can't imagine that being a good time remote especially for something as ubiquitous as Red Hat, much less at that time. that is tough! I don't know how you made it this far -- that's amazing

@voltur Keep on keeping on, and congrats on another successful solar orbit.

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