I finally have the game I was working for a godot game jam up on itch. Starscan is a non-violent retro-inspired exploration game and almost all of it is procedurally generated in some capacity. It's not a game style for everyone, but if it's interesting to you, and you'd like to help shake out some bugs and maybe share your impressions, here's a pre-release download link for the fediverse! :)

reading English required

lmk if the link breaks. I'm new to publishing on and have no idea what I'm doing and it is fantastic.

@estebanm boosts are welcome :) i'd like to try yours too, sometime!

variety in game genre is awesome

@voltur had a good time exploring! two bugs I noticed: I do not think my resources actually decreased when I was told they were, and 'faint' is spelled as its homophone 'feint' when referring to faint traces of intelligent life. but yeah, good time! keep up the good work!

@djsundog found the culprit buried in a json dialog generation file lol - next build is going to have some text edits for sure!!!


You might be interested by the group we are pulling together around godot engine and feminist video game:

Right now our main project in progress is HeLa, mostly in French but can be tranlated easily.

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