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"The Octavius Trap"

The savanna vegetation rippled in the warm eastern winds, dancing in the valley under the morning sun, warm and inviting. Neither awake, nor asleep. Not inert, but not alive.

“No,” she said. “The pond. The reflection. Something is wrong, prepare to abort surface operations.”

Patiently, it sat. Still hungry.

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I reject the capitalist notion that the quality of my creative output is related to its competitiveness or performance in a market.

I made it into the top 1% of TryHackMe today, and that's kind of neat! They've been instrumental in filling some of my knowledge/skills gaps as a returning infosec/hacker type trying to get up to speed.

Incidently, this is my favorite badge icon so far. It's a a cat and a squid/hydra thing. It's basically what I want out of a pet.

It's really interesting how you never think about how good modern video playback interfaces are until you go back and try to play an old DVD.

Similar, writing an SMS text message now, versus trying to do it on an old number pad flip phone.

Hey Siri/Google/Whatever, dial Mom. versus the old rotary phones with like numbers that have zeroes in them so you avoid calling those people.

And don't get me started on electricity.


Thinking a little bit about intentionally asymmetrical and collaborative gaming experiences, today, and ruminating on my next project...

Doing my best to channel the 90s, I went and rented a bunch of X-Files and British murder mystery DVDs for the weekend.

Infosec Content Creator? Oh you must mean IT Network Marketing

Want to play a fun little FOSS game? I made Starscan this year and you're welcome to play it!

You have been recruited by the Supercluster Federation to acquire scientific and archaeological data from the remnants of ancient civilizations for study.

The Milky Way Superintelligence has predicted a new filter that our societies must understand to survive. Your colony ship DSCV Starscan is uniquely suited to deep space exploration. Please search for ancient civilizations and evidence of their final days.

that makes it sound like I'm tracking people down. I'm not -- I'm tracking down the shadow markets for these that exist on the platforms under the radar.

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Did some OSINT today and started tracking down people who are secretly selling ivermectin through their online retailer stores like Amazon and have started talking to a friend that works in Risk Management at one of these places about ways to to find this kind of possible behavior.

Anyway, just a PSA for folks that are trying to be mindful of how their spending power is rippling out.

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Here's a hot take no one wants: If you give money to Activision Blizzard right now, you're contributing to the legal war chest they use to defend against abuse allegations, protect abusers, and stifle the voices of people speaking out against them.

Time is like a bullet from behind.
I run for cover, just like you. 🎶

An investment firm just purchased my housing community. The play book for what happens with that is not pretty. They slowly ratchet up the prices and create artificially inflated fines for odd rules to drive poor folk out.

I'm lucky that I'm in a pretty good place financially, but a lot of the people around me aren't -- they're seniors struggling to make their retirement and disability stretch or they're ex-cons looking for a fresh start but struggling to find housing in places that do invasive background checks.

Like I said, I'm going to be fine, and I'll likely start looking into new places, but this is absolutely gross. Want to take a guess who this disproportionately affects?

I liked living in a community that let me assist older folk with tech. I liked living in a community that let me help people with aphasia figure out how to send their new pictures to their grandchildren.

Sure there are lots of downsides to being the younger folk at a place like this, but they kind of fade away when you realize that places like this are often oubliettes for folk as they get older.

These people deserve better.

I'm currently in the top 2% of this CTF site. The climb has slowed, but I'm still climbing. Goodness this is more fun than anything I've done in ages

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I'm still looking for a #coop in Europe to join as a software developer.
Can anyone recommend one, or know of a co-op directory of sorts? Or maybe you're setting up a co-op and like an extra pair of hands to make it happen?

Boosts welcome!

I like seeing people's faces on mastodon. I kinda just wish the world wasn't such a cruel and toxic place that people had to be careful about it.

HELPFUL TIP: The past tense of yeet is yot. ex:

"The frog done been yot back into the garden."

Honestly, Space Force is the closest thing the US military industrial complex has created to entice me into service but luckily for everyone involved they don't let people like me in because I am old a f and have a healthy dislike of structures of authority and oppression. So yeah, "Guardian of the Galaxy" is off the table for my resume.

Anyone here like to solve mazes? i'm working on a new project and curious how many folks like that kind of thing.

I don't mind making a niche game, just curious is all. :)

I'm a content creator for your IDS logs.

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