Pocket keeps trying to show me food recipes for chicken dishes. Like... I'm vegan, though. Skynet is starting small.

Don't mind me, I'm just going to sit in my indignant rage cocoon.

Billion dollar idea. Snapchat/insta filters for feet pics.

I'm torn between my admiration and love of the wild optimism and technological accomplishment of the spirit of human space exploration and my frustration and embarrassment at the selfish gaudiness of the entrepreneurial elite's willful neglect toward saving the planet we are on.

I think it has to do with some interplay between the windows web media extension pack and how explorer tries to be clever about the meta data it shows you in certain views. So I don't know if it requires special ogg meta tags or the default view has to be detail or what. YMMV

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A directory full of only ogg files crashes Windows 10 file explorer, if you need to make that happen for some reason.

I'm working on audio for , today. It's super fun. doesn't particularly like mp3, so I'm working with ogg. I'm not sure why it has zero traction, it's a decent format.

It's just really weird seeing some many people, even on the fediverse, either forget or not care about Activision/Blizzard's politics and willingness to act as a cudgel against peaceful protesters on behalf of a totalitarian state. Like, I know you can permanently ditch software if you don't like the politics of the folks involved, so wtf people?

The fight doesn't end just because the news cycle churns.

I did so much work on Starscan today, everybody! It is so close! EXCITED!!!!!!!

I don't even know what year I'm supposed to be complaining about anymore

I'm ready for my close up now, internet.

I was thinking about streaming gamedev stuff on twitch, but no one wants to watch me duckduckgo things for 2 hours straight.

Twitter is an advertising website with social tools masquerading as a social media website with advertising tools.

If you need to leave an online community for any reason, it is absolutely ok to do so. Humans are dynamic. You are a human.

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I've run a big text adventure for thirteen years (at one point briefly it was the biggest text adventure!) and if there's one thing I've about managing a big online community in that time that I'd choose to pass on as a warning to others, it's this: remove the people who don't like being there.

Some folks just don't like the place, or they liked it once and they don't anymore, and that's fine.

You'd think they'd just go somewhere else, and most do, but some don't, and those folks are AWFUL.

I am Dave's Killer Bread's Flavor Crater.

Me: Discusses the use of modality in international punk music to create identity.

Also me: This album is the foot pics of 80s albums.

Stop celebrating billionaires that are more interested in getting off the planet than saving it. They aren't taking you with them and even if you can afford the trip, most humans can't.

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