I saw a sssniperwolf video for the first time in ages the other day. Don't tell me capitalism works.

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“The appropriate technology movement is attributed to E.F. Schumacher, a German-British economist … During the 1970s, he became widely known for his heterodox economic ideas that lambasted the mainstream emphasis on profit over human needs. In his best-known, 1973 book, Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered”

His book was titled WHAT? 🥰

Must read it. So sad to learn he died the year after I was born.


#AppropriateTechnology #SmallTech #degrowth

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I need decorative stickers for my laptop, if I'm going to be taken seriously around here

I'm not mad that my parents keep forwarding me mp4s of really obnoxious things or anything, but I just know that means they click on pretty much everything they're sent.

Look who stopped by to help with and have a snack, this morning!

The thing about people like me is that inside we're a mess, but outside we're also a mess.

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The old cartoons built exclusively to sell children toys in the 80s and early 90s were not much more than tools that capitalism used to prey upon children, normalizing the horrific things that would come in the following decades.

I know it's hard to make heads or tails of that criticism through the lenses of nostalgia and manipulation, I struggle with it too.

Inviting then back in as legitimate participants in our popular culture is wretched and gross.

We can do better. So many brilliant creators already are. If you have room in your day, celebrate them instead!

I just looked it up and my birth stone is a dirt clod.

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Check out our latest episode featuring a hacker's perspective on Twitter reopening verifications, Trump abandoning blogging, CFAA prosecutions, and more!
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I just got married (to my partner of 12 years) in a zoom meeting, because that's just how life is now. lmao

for reference, thinking about the 70s/80s underground rock icons adopting the imagery of WW2-era germany for shock value and to generally piss off their elders. (decidedly not talking about the people that did that unironically)

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I'm glad that the era of wearing fascist iconography to piss off your WW2-era parents is no longer mainstream, but also kinda sad realizing that in 5-10 years, punk/rock kids will try to be edgy and piss off their parents by wearing MAGA hats and thin blue line punisher logos.

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LinkedIn: People are noticing you!
Me: [sobbing in social anxiety]

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