long toot, a few of my favorite metroid headcannons. 

1. Samus is trans. depending on how you view authorial intent this isn't even a headcannon, it's never come up in the games but the makers of the first games mentioned it in an interview.

2. her native language is some form of sign language. because she was raised by birds and they couldn't make the same sounds, so she learned sign language first and spoken languages later.

3. she's socially akward. as the only human amongst a race that was going extinct I don't imagine she's had much oportunity to socalize with her peers growing up.

4. she's a lesbian. but despite being akward being a hot famous bounty hunter means she can still find dates when she wants to

long toot, a few of my favorite metroid headcannons. 

Original drafts of samus' design used he/him pronouns.

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