gamers: games should never be political.

also gamers: so here's this RPG were unsustainable energy harvesting is protected by wealthy elite and is killing the planet. and also your party consists largely of a bunch of eco terrorists. and it's an absolute classic and pinnacle of the medium


Me: Name a video game that's not politicial.

Them: Sonic the Hedgehog.

*flashbacks of Sonic destroying pollution-spewing machinery and freeing animals from captivity*

Me: *Stares into the camera*

@venatus what video game is this because i don't know what kinds of video games there are

@venatus i'd challenge anyone to name a game (especially a well-regarded one) that isn't political. this goes for any kind of art really

@zoe @venatus i am certain, given some time and an attention span, we could contest this assertion. but also the point was just that this is an very rare phenomenon

@autistikai @zoe indeed, my original point was not that no game is ever political, just that angry a*political gamers tend to ignore the politics of the games they consider "per-approved"

@venatus @autistikai yeah, it's so obviously a dogwhistle and i don't think they believe it either, so i just refuse to treat it with any dignity

@zoe @venatus @autistikai

I don't think we can consider Thomas Was Alone or Gris as political games 🤷

@zoe @venatus @autistikai

Til the end, several time... But it was a while now, so my memories could be messy...

I remember the music and philosophical questions about AI

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