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i can't sleep. i'm having saria thoughts

  • saria going to great lengths to take responsibility and correct rhine's mistakes make a lot more sense now that it's been revealed that she co-founded the company

  • the casual delivery of the reveal. "...Dr. Wright, who co-founded the company with Dr. Saria. Moving on..." lmfao

  • the idea that saria couldn't save the other kids as a result of her not doing enough

  • saria advising the doctor to motivate their subordinates in hopes of maintaining their influence over them

  • saria taking the brunt of silence's resentment and doing absolutely nothing to defend herself

  • saria, unable to bring herself to face ifrit, asks the doctor to tell ifrit on her behalf that she'll protect her no matter what

  • ifrit asking the all-knowing doctor if they knew how to stop saria and silence from fighting.

  • ifrit saying that home is wherever saria and silence are

  • this official artwork of her, along with the other rhine department heads (with wright somewhere in the back)

AK: Stultifera Navis 

shark alt shark alt!

just finished a project with a friend. i did the layout for the book cover and thumbnail, vintage style

it's too dangerous to go alone! take this with you

the lighting for the current season looks so good. wish irl sun would look this nice (and be this soft and gentle)... but no

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