casually chaotic penguin logistics

e2'd ethan! who has this cool e2 art but with a relatively sad note

iirc, second season op?

(...not that i watched the second season lol)

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*wallet's feeling nervous

anyway, im mostly excited and hyped (and a little nervous for what's to come). the skins look great and i'd honestly love to have Dobermann's if only i actually deployed her

about the music, somewhere in the vid (around the 1:44 timestamp) the notes around that part seem similar to one of snk's ost's

words... hard... brain :blobdizzy:​. resorting to one word reacts and emotes until november

nearl event, arknights 

seems rank isn't indicative of the strength of a knight. apparently Nearl held the lowest rank but championed over everyone

....i'm going to stop spoiling myself now and wait for the global schedule

re: transcript of one of maria's audio files, arknights 

"Promoted... In order to continue to defend the glory of the Nearl family in the future, I will continue to work hard!"

what a good kid TuT

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transcript of one of maria's audio files, arknights 

"Seeing my sister again after a long time, she seemed like a different person, more like the soft sun, warm and stalwart compared to the dazzling light in the past. Did Rhodes Island bring her this change? Then I also want to see what my sister found here!"

im not crying

started watching shirobako and i like it so far. enjoyed one of the earlier scenes where aoi was street racing another production assistant with her company-provided vehicle while listening to idol music and winning

took me way longer to e2 ch'en than other six star ops

ok but why blemishine/flawlight?

also i get the feeling this one's only a teenager (shining describes her as the much younger sister, and the descriptor is consistent in other texts)

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ohhh it seems maria upholds the same beliefs as nearl, and they appear to be on good terms.

poor maria had to step up to protect the family in the absence of the family's head knight, whom i assume is nearl after she was forced into exile bc of her infection

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