slept all day and i feel great. i haven't been sleeping much at all in the past few weeks so getting uninterrupted 8 hours is bliss. i might even cry

honkai and ak in a race to permanently kword my phone, with honkai taking the lead

man i wanna write fan meta like some of the greats, but wording is hard

light horror, hololive 

It's funny to me that the two HoloEn personalities related to eldritch entities don't shy away from treating their followers as a food source. Then again, that just sounds like your usual cult for the eldritch.

Kind of an interesting moment, I guess. For context, Sana is building "dangos" inside her space tower. And coincidentally, the sky takes on similar colours to the dangos on her hair.

as the prophecy foretold, shark girl succumbs to ultra violence

i always think about that one comment on youtube where op talked about how hanging out with friends used to be so much easier, until everyone grew up, some had families, and others worked the odd and extra shifts. in my case, there was the added pain of timezones

but yea, hm

finally got together with ak friends for another stream (last one was x months ago). but this time, everyone sounds more dead than i remember


gonna lie awake at night thinking about how people use rice cookers to sous vide stuff 😶

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somehow there's no smooooch spy x family animation

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as somebody who worked in tech but got fed up w it, i'm loving the return to basics i see, open protocols, no ads, personal static sites, linux, low-res, webrings, small communities... appropriate technology and "Small Is Beautiful"...

i don't know what it is about the near light ost that's making me remember boys remix from dance dance revolution

unfortunately for her, source of said radiance happens to be married

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