i tried to edit the world config file for v rising to have allowing teleport of items

but the game just kinda

didnt load it then deleted the save lmao

i think im gonna play v rising for a while and see what i wanna do when im done

i guess i like the part of mabinogi where i get to look cute but not the part where you play the game

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i like mabinogi but after looking into what exactly you should do to advance your character

it is all of my least favourite things to do in the game

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cant decide if i wanna try and get back into bdo or just

do something else

i had to be subjected to this person's inventory in mabinogi and now you have to see it too

Big Agree that guinea pigs are extremely good and important. "What if potatoes were fluffy." an excellent question that was answered by guinea pigs

i think people give space marine and dawn of war more credit than they deserve just because they are warhammer games that are not completely awful

but they are not very good either they are pretty meh

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i guess the warhammer binge thing i intended isnt going to happen because warhammer games kinda suck

prolly has something to do with the fact i was having very weird lucid dreams that got interrupted by being woken up by shouting as my mother decided 8 am was a good time to bathe cats

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Today feels strange

Not necessarily bad but everything feels slightly off

i wanted to try to make a post that is like [opposite of holly] glaceoff

but i couldnt figure out what the opposite of holly is

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