re: hot take about open source software 

@stolas @tinylesbiangamer It's a hot take to tech/FOSSBros who tell you "Just fork it if you don't like it" without giving a thought about how much effort it takes, or that having a million forks actually helps fuck all.


re: hot take about open source software 

@MxCraven @stolas This is definitely a problem. The main good thing about forking is that sometimes.. sometimes... someone will pick up a formerly abandoned project you liked and continue development. Which is nice. But I know it would very rarely be me. :p

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re: hot take about open source software 

@tinylesbiangamer @stolas Forking was originally intended to take base code and use it, it wasn't intended to have a million competing products. It was to allow libraries and shit to be freely used.

The actual "Fork" in SVCs is for temporary local clones that you can then merge request into master.

So many people forget that a fork is supposed to be merged back upstream if possible, or it's for one project, a small personal thing that takes a base and makes it something else.

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