hot take about open source software 

The most important thing about Free and Open Source Software isn't all the stuff about forking and pull requests and that. The most important thing is that it works to insulate code from the profit motive.

The ability to fork or request upstream changes is a vital part of that but not the point in and of itself.

re: hot take about open source software 

@stolas Is this a hot take? As much as I am all up in the FOSS shit, it's definitely one of the main reasons why I use it.

re: hot take about open source software 

@tinylesbiangamer It's a hot take because I haven't put much actual thought into it tbh


re: hot take about open source software 

@stolas I'm poor so that's a definite nudge towards foss, then there's the fact that no profit motive can make it purely functional and not resort into "unlock PRO features" where the good shit is. Or, you know, filling unscrupulous companies' pockets with my limited amount of monies.

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