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Elekk now has a Discord server, for announcements and general chat! Elekk users are welcome to join:

Elekk now has a Discord server, for announcements and general chat! Elekk users are welcome to join:

We've returned! All of Elekk's server software is now up to date and we're now running Mastodon 3.0.1:

(Now I have to categorize our custom emoji...)

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Elekk will be going down briefly for a server upgrade. We expect to be back up by noon EDT (within 80 minutes). Thanks for your patience!

We've attracted a new wave of spammers, so we're disabling registration for now.

However, invitations still work. If you're an Elekk member, you can go to to generate a new invitation link, so your friends can still join in the fun. :)

Now that we've updated to a 2.8 version of Mastodon, we've changed signups from invite-only to approval-based. Anyone can sign up, but a moderator must approve all new accounts. We'll try not to let it go more than a day without a response.

Elekk now has a Discord server, for announcements and general chat! Elekk users are welcome to join:

As I've been asked to comment: Elekk will continue to federate fully with I currently have no reason to question Kibousoft's ability to manage that instance.

You can find a full list of instances with which Elekk limits federation here:

(This is updated when I remember to do it, not automatically, but it's current at the time of this post.)

An influx of spammers means we're going back to invite-only registration for a while. ALL Elekk users can invite anyone to join; use this page to generate invitation links:

Very sorry for the downtime, folks; my provider fell over unexpectedly and it's taken them all this time to get the VPS back up.

Making a change to how media are stored, which means local and remote media are going to be a little funky for a little while. Sorry for the inconvenience!

We are provisionally removing the domain block on Please report any behavior you see that violates our CoC.

We have some new additions to the list of instances we're suspending and blocking. Please check for the full list.

We're back! And our pages are loading correctly again. Thanks for your patience!

ELEKK is going down briefly to try to resolve an error. We'll be back in a minute or two. Hopefully most of you won't even notice!

Sorry for the brief downtime, there was an issue with the NIC on the server and I had to reboot. We should be fully-functional again.

SITE NEWS 2018-03-09 16:35 UTC 

Elekk is now running 2.3.0. We have NOT implemented full-text search, since that requires a switch to ElasticSearch, which requires more RAM than I can afford at the moment.

Sorry about the brief downtime; we reprovisioned the site to only use 4 GB of RAM (down from 8), now that we're stably using jemalloc for our memory management needs.

SITE NEWS 2018-01-30 22:22 UTC 

We're back! Sincerest apologies for the outage; it was caused by a difficult-to-diagnose postgres error. No data was lost and we appear to be fully operational again.


We're back! And now on Mastodon v2.2.0, which adds a couple nice features and also fixes the Home-timeline bug that long-absent users complained about.

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