Konami has announced the game line-up for their upcoming PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 mini consoles, featuring some extremely flashy title animations for many games. This is a delicious bit of motion graphics animation work, even if you're not familiar with the consoles or games.


North America + Europe

God I cannot believe Snatcher is in the JP PC Engine lineup. I'm surprised Konami would give it any sort of recognition today after all their shit with Kojima.

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Wait, are both the JP and NA/EU lineups going to be in all versions of the console? I'm only just now realizing. That's fucking wild if so.

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They are, holy shit. Looks like the Japanese and English versions will coexist.

This unfortunately means that Snatcher will be entirely in Japanese, buuuut it only takes so long for hackers to crack these systems wide open.

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(Konami removes USB ports from their mini console before release) Ah,

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watch them leave some sort of exploitable port on it

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