You wonderful folk suggested I check out Paladins as an Overwatch alternative, and my gaming crew had an absolute blast last night with it! THANK YOU!!!!! :D



I thought paladins was getting shuttered? different game?

@sydneyfalk I don't know anything about that. I just had it suggested to me, so it's totally possible that something is happening with it and I don't know.

@sydneyfalk Oh! I see what you're asking about. It looks like Tencent and Hi-Rez are parting ways and it's shutting down in China in November.


I'm going to hate myself for this but

how many kits to learn? if it's not a PITA to remember right now

@sydneyfalk i just started playing, so i'm honestly not entirely sure how to answer that.

The general break down is that there are 4 main classes, support, tank, damage, and flank. Damage and flank are essentially DPS. It's hero driven, so each character behaves very differently, within that. I think there are 42 different champions.

I don't really feel overwhelmed yet or anything, but I can see how someone might dive deep into it

@sydneyfalk Also, while I'm not adverse to paying for the champion unlock (like buying the game, kinda) if I dig it after a week or two, right now i'm playing with whatever is in rotation. I find that gives me a chance to get familiar without feeling like I have any reason to learn all the others.


Thank you for the information. It sounds like it's not my cup of tea. ^_^ (Which is fine, most things aren't.)

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