*stares for a long fucking time at that*


I'm starting to suspect Microsoft was originally an elaborate prank but when it made too much money Bill Gates couldn't ever tell the world

@sydneyfalk This is the most plausible explanation I’ve heard to date.


If I'd been taking a drink when I read this my hands would be wearing it now. :P

I hope it's not plausible, but it's so hard to imagine some of the earliest design decisions being serious ones in a few cases.

Maybe that's just me being old, though.

Then again, the Wgasa name is still in place, even though everybody at the meeting thought it was a joke and now the world knows it too? Reality may well be the real monster we found along the way. ^_^

@aral @sydneyfalk

Whenever I have to use a Micosoft console, I keep thinking it looks exactly like the result of some executive issuing an order to put a console in Windows "because others have them, so we need one too", implemented by aprogrammers who had no idea what it's good for and didn't think anyone was gonna use it, anyway.

Mind you, I used MS DOS before Windows 3.1, with just the console and NC, but after 15 minutes on Linux, the MS console started looking really bad.

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