Good morning, everyone. Today, Microsoft released a tiling window manager (Fancy Zones) and RMS is giving a talk in Redmond.

Welcome to the end of the world.


this was on my list of Least Likely Outcomes as a child, and by the I Am Always Wrong Theorem, that meant it ended the world when I did that. sorry about that folks

sorry, earth

mea culpa 😬

@sydneyfalk @tindall Sure sign they have nothing new and must resort back to eating other good concepts from outside projects...

@seven @tindall

the newest and only real innovation Microsoft ever had was Windows, and they stole the base concept to start with

there is literally no real IP system, it's all a fraud built around the concept that people with money have to justify their position in the world. "they invented X" "they wrote X" "they discovered X"

and all that shit was done before

the market was never about 'good ideas'. virtually nothing is truly 'new'. it's all just veneers with varying levels of finesse. 🤷


the end of that rant 

re: the end of that rant 

re: the end of that rant 

re: the end of that rant 

re: the end of that rant 

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