Is it okay if we change the default visibility of boosts to private when your account is locked, just like the default visibility of toots is private under that condition?


[ ] Yes
[ ] No

@Gargron boosts can be private? I thought they just happened and the visibility of the account itself was the key element of whether it is seen or not.

@Keltounet At the moment they can't be private. But in terms of database design, since they are the same as normal toots, they can also be private like normal toots. My suggested change would add a corresponding visibility param to the API, but since I do not intent to add UI controls for that param (choosing visibility for each boost? Nah) it would rely on the default that I bring up in the poll.


@Gargron @Keltounet

what about just making private boosts called 'poosts' with the arrows around each other symbol but with a little crossed-out eye, and making regular boosts have the symbol but with an open eye, and then

(this is a trashpost, FTR I'm not personally into changing boost visibility that way because at this point people kinda know what boosts do and changing it would be pretty fundamental)

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