I think the fediverse is at just about the right critical mass to spawn an ARG [1] any time now.

1: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternat



but does your stating it demonstrate that the fact would likely have been noticed before and that someone, perhaps even YOU, could be trying to use that ARG as subtle control of the fed?!!

in the next thousand pages I will review all the evidence I am aware of, and

@sydneyfalk (I was involved in writing and running one once and I don't have anywhere close to enough time or brainspace to do that again any time soon so it won't be me, he said, knowing that's exactly what he'd say regardless, so as not to arouse any suspicions in any direction whatsoever)

@sydneyfalk (using the known topologies of the fediverse and various known real-world physical correspondences, an extremely clever gamerunner could end up enlisting unwitting members of the fediverse as quest-assisting NPCs for actual around the world RL crossovers without ever having to read them into the script, were someone thinking of how ARGs in a federated decentralized network could be different)

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