Public Domain Day Is Coming: On January 1st, 2019, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain for the First Time in 21 Years



FINALLY. YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES [email protected]@#@[email protected]#@#!$%!71!%@#$%@#[email protected]#$%95--875b--tr191423




like I mean I waited about 120 years for YES! We Have No Bananas to become public domain, so this is huge for me

er, I mean

I'm a human with a normal lifespan and such, yes, why do you ask

@sydneyfalk @OpenCulture 120 would actually be doable if you somehow decided at birth that you will wait for that thing to happen :thounking:
not sure if you could toot about it at that age though...

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