the main reason 80% of programmer/IT humour is making fun of users is that most people in programming/IT aren't as bright as they believe themselves to be

@suivran What people think/want IT and programming to be: Being Neo and binging energy drinks while they furiously type out badass programs that change the world and make them, finally, one of the cool kids.

What IT/programming actually is: Teaching someone how to drive a car in written or spoken format while blindfolded.

Most people are really bad at the second one so they pretend they're the first one so they can "be above that."

@sandrockcstm @suivran I was a project manager at a web dev company for a bit and in the beginning while we were waiting for new projects I did a lot of documentation + QA because the devs were so terrible at it. It made such an impact that after I told them I was resigning, they put up a posting for a new proj manager AND a specific posting just for documentation part time bc they were so flabbergasted but the impact it made with the clients

Clients can be dumb, but devs can be so clueless

More context for why there was so much documentiom 

@sandrockcstm @suivran the company had a custom CMS they had built from scratch that they used for their websites so it was a combination of slowly chipping away at the general documentation on the system (which had years of functionality slowly added to it) and also documentation for clients on how specific modules worked that were developed specifically for them

It was wild ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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