Hello websites, instead of tricking us into accepting cookies, please do more of this.

Plain-text versions are very good and very important and greatly appreciated.

@aetios NPR? Apparently it's... a media company, whatever that means nowadays lol.

@suivran yeah, I meant npr. i wish they'd made their site navigable on the plaintext site, though. you can only read the top 10 articles iirc

@aetios @suivran sometimes the redirection also doesn't work so I need to patch it up manually by copy-pasting the article ID between the URLs :thinking_happy:

@suivran Though, in their case, minus points for them then refusing to serve you the page you'd asked for if you decline, only taking you to the stories index instead - and much of the time, that story isn't there.

@suivran sadly the latter doesn't go to the linked article, or at least it didn't the last time i visited an NPR link

but yes, plain text sites are 💙

@grainloom I must have gotten lucky this time, then, 'cause I got my article. I do hope the entire concept spreads and becomes more reliable!

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