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Hey folks... I need to get this follower count to a respectable level. Spare a click for an old friend?

Any Journalists and/or podcasters... I am interested/open to doing SME engagements, or guesting on your show...

I promise to not be boring.

I only enjoy those old games and movies and shows and books, and things like them, out of nostalgia. I love them, but they don't feed me as deeply as they once did.

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Lately, I've been having to come to terms with the fact that I'm not the same person that I was when I first started creating (and playing) games. The things I love and appreciate have evolved and there's an uncomfortable dissonance when I try to resist that.

"So i just came out to my dad abt being #nb, and he said something really wise about names, i think.

He said “Gifts are not obligations. You give things to people, and you hope they like them. And your name was a gift from us to you. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, you’re not obligated to keep it.”

and i just thought maybe other people could use hearing something like that."
#lgbt #gender

My most recent open source project:

Prevent short link services from tracking you and remove tracking parameters from the underlying urls.

You can 100% host it yourself and its #GPLv3

Anyone on my timeline or the fediverse at large play appdrama-style romance otome interactive fiction on their phones or pc?

I'm a game dev and writer and curious what you like about them and don't like about them!

@ me or DM me if you prefer. I'd like to hear from you! :D

You wonderful folk suggested I check out Paladins as an Overwatch alternative, and my gaming crew had an absolute blast last night with it! THANK YOU!!!!! :D

The cat flipped everything on my desk onto the floor by missing a jump onto the coffee maker. Which is to say, the cat dumped a full coffee maker onto the floor.

Random job posting fell into my lap today. Something I'd be perfect for, at a studio I've been wanting to work with for a while.

Let's kick that imposter syndrome in the patootie and see how it goes!

@stuarttempleton for card games, MTG, for mmos ffxiv is my fave, and you can swap Overwatch with Paladins

Have fun o7

I think I'm going to be stepping away from Activision-Blizzard products and services for a while.

What else is everyone playing?

I think I'm going to do some concept art today for a project I've been putting off.

A request, please boost.

Anyone who does podcasts in the IT/infosec/hacking world... I would like to be a guest sometime if you'd have me...

I need to up BlackFire's visibility, and as such, talking is a great way to do that.

So, if you are ever looking for a guest/stand in co-host/ whatever... I am available.

is my brain just making that whole thing up? I remember the pastel card-stock cover and the saddle staple binding even. lol wow

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