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#PivotalMomentsInCreativity (1/2) 

I used to play/read a lot of Choose Your Own Adventure books. It's no wonder I ended up loving and writing ! One book stands out, the name of which I've long forgotten. It was a D&D style fantasy horror story, complete with a character sheet and everything. Very Ravenlofty.

I've been thinking about pivotal moments in my creative life, lately. There have been a huge number of them! Moments that have not only stuck with me, but have served as a frequent reminder of some quintessential piece of creativity. I think I might share some of those moments with Ye Olde Elekk.

I suspect everyone has these, and they probably look different and inform different. So, in the spirit of sharing, I'll start today.

Doing some light weight texturing and modeling, today. Nothing fancy.

I think one thing I'm going to do is immediately drop friends/follows/etc that advocate for the piracy of the creative works of POC.

That includes Cyberpunk 2077. See ya 'round, I guess.

So much toxicity today on the fediverse. Ugh. I came to escape it.

I keep seeing job hunting advice online that says to answer the question "Your greatest weakness?" with something like "I'm a perfectionist."

That's terrible advice. Don't do that. Answer with a real challenge you've overcome, something the interviewer can relate to, and explain how it was an opportunity for growth and how you overcame it.

Answer the question. Relate to the interviewer. Show how you grow and solve problems.

I’m pretty stoked about some of the Xbox announcements today.

I'm pretty excited about the new Vampire: The Masquerade video games coming out this year. Bloodlines 2 and The Coteries of New York.

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This spectacular night scene of the mass hunger strike in Tiananmen Square 1989 was taken by a friend of mine. He wants it to be shared, but is too afraid to reveal his name.

Did you know that the PlayStation controllers don't have random symbols on them? The number of lines in each one is incremental, so they're 1, 2, 3, and 4. Circle, X, Triangle, Square.

Not that it makes any more sense than the rest, just an interesting bit of trivia.

Every time I see someone say their game is “roguelike,” I look at their game and think, “this person has never played Rogue.”

We have a new cat in our family. Kittens are basically a Bag of Holding for cat food.

Playing with dynamic post processing stack volume blending in a personal project, tonight. Having way more fun than I should.

I really need to stop using "I'm sorry" for things where I'm not at fault for something. I can commiserate and extend compassion in much better ways, without pulling any of that stuff inward in inappropriate ways.

The Best Food Recipe Today 

Peanut butter and matcha Kit-Kat bar sandwich. It's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but instead of jelly, you put green tea kit kats on it instead.


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