Friendly reminder: Clark Kent was Superman's secret identity. Not the other way around. Don't @ me.

gray boxing some rooms, tonight. not sure what I really want from this area.

Gonna turn down that ambient occlusion like whoah

Building some props and doing some world building this week. Here's a fun shot showing our mapping device. :)

Progress photo from today's Unity world building experiments. Amusing accidental texture swap while trying to get used to the new terrain workflow on large, multi-terrain worlds.

me either! I'm thinking about picking some up soon, tho

Hey folks... I need to get this follower count to a respectable level. Spare a click for an old friend?

Any Journalists and/or podcasters... I am interested/open to doing SME engagements, or guesting on your show...

I promise to not be boring.

I only enjoy those old games and movies and shows and books, and things like them, out of nostalgia. I love them, but they don't feed me as deeply as they once did.

Lately, I've been having to come to terms with the fact that I'm not the same person that I was when I first started creating (and playing) games. The things I love and appreciate have evolved and there's an uncomfortable dissonance when I try to resist that.

@starbreaker I travel year-round (though I've been stationary for longer this time) so I'm stuck being the chronic coffee shop guy. I actually love it, but I'm also really envious of some of these home studio setups.

@starbreaker looks really conducive to creative work, which is my unicorn

"So i just came out to my dad abt being #nb, and he said something really wise about names, i think.

He said “Gifts are not obligations. You give things to people, and you hope they like them. And your name was a gift from us to you. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, you’re not obligated to keep it.”

and i just thought maybe other people could use hearing something like that."
#lgbt #gender

My most recent open source project:

Prevent short link services from tracking you and remove tracking parameters from the underlying urls.

You can 100% host it yourself and its #GPLv3

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