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Spending Halloween playing games and watching horror movies with my gf and our travel companion Lotus, a 17 y/o cat that is 100 times cooler than me.

Ok, if you're a novice or looking for inspiration to get started with on this is your moment!

Let's do a Hello, World! in ProBuilder! Get your feet wet with the very basics. And if you're more advanced, make your own variation!

Post it, and tag me! I'd love to see it. :D

Playing with ProBuilder and my texture library this evening. Build a locker of some kind. Looks kind of like a loot box.

Day 4 of

I spent the day updating to the 2018.3.0b4 beta build and switching to the PostFX 2 post processing pipeline. It's kind of neat because it treats post processing effects in a volumetric manner (and integrates better into Cinemachine, which is my jam.) I also did some ProBuilder stuff, but nothing exciting.

The 2018.3 build is WAAYYY less buggy. That's cool because it means they're actively fixing Linux Editor bugs.

Day 3 of

Today I worked on level design for our commons area. I wanted to add more nature movement. One of my favorite things that Kurosawa does in film is creating dynamic movement through use of nature. It's a space station so I usually shy away from using water. So... Challenge accepted! Here's a progress shot for today's work. :)

My TO DO list for Vegas Prime Retrograde, today! Nothing special, just some level design and bug fixes. I'm just saying it here so I stay accountable. :)

I thought it would be fun to share a desktop screenshot, today. Doing some gamedev and looking forward to some WoW tonight. FOR THE HORDE! :horde:

I'm angry about the state of Apple right now. Sorry. 

Apple is officially bundling software that advertises to its users (like Windows, TBH) and you can't delete the software.

I paid a premium for this ecosystem and I shouldn't have to deal with this kind of thing.

Hanging out with my movie buddy Lotus this morning. He’s kind of awesome.

He demands tribute for his greatness.

Some of you guys have never seen my tool of choice! A ‘93 Gibson Les Paul Studio with zebra-coil pickups and my requisite gold Grover tuners.

Spent the afternoon building out more of our detention level, part of the Kuiper 3 satellite array in our game Vegas Prime Retrograde. Thought I'd share some in-game progress screenshots. One is a picture of the office-like room and the other is a top-down map view showing about 65% completion of the build. After the next room, it's all detail work.

Ship selfies eye contact. 

Hit the ship club one last time before the end of the voyage. Fun! My gf looks crazy!

Also a fancy one from the bar. Like ya do. Thanks Alaska!

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