Building some props and doing some world building this week. Here's a fun shot showing our mapping device. :)

Progress photo from today's Unity world building experiments. Amusing accidental texture swap while trying to get used to the new terrain workflow on large, multi-terrain worlds.

Netflix recommendation picture. Horror movie posters. 

I had some progress on building some dynamic storm atmospherics last night. Feel pretty good about it.

Doing some light weight texturing and modeling, today. Nothing fancy.

Playing with dynamic post processing stack volume blending in a personal project, tonight. Having way more fun than I should.

Paper prototypes for video game design. 

Selfie. Eye contact maybe? 

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Selfie. Eye contact maybe? 

I did a second small piece of wold building and level design practice. In this scene, I wanted the design to participate in story telling. I wanted it to inspire the thought "was this something? What was it?"

Today, I'm actively practicing world building and working with HDR render pipelines. I've been working on a black and white game for a few years and I've neglected these skills. I had fun with this.

My workspace, today. Trying to get some work done on our discovery/lore system! What does your look like, today?

Logged back into bird site to see what people were talking about...

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